“Over 1200 MIDI files that you can drag & drop into your own tracks, giving you the instant inspiration you need.”
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Unison MIDI Chord Pack

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Instant inspiration at your fingertips…

Are you stuck on a track and need inspiration?

Has the initial creative spark you had when first starting the track faded away?

Do you have piles of unfinished music on your hard drive?

If so, then we have the perfect solution for you.

The Unison MIDI Chord Pack

It’s a complete collection of over 1200 different chords and chord progressions that you can drag & drop into your own tracks, giving you the instant inspiration you need.

You can use the Unison MIDI Chord Pack with…

On top of that, the Unison MIDI Chord Pack will help you…

If you’ve ever wondered:

Then the Unison MIDI Chord Pack will answer ALL these questions for you.

And of course, like with all Unison products, you’re always protected by our 100% money-back guarantee, where you can get a refund of your purchase if for any reason you aren’t satisfied.

Why? Because we’re fully confident that you’ll love the Unison MIDI Chord Pack and the difference it’ll make in your music.

With over 1000 copies sold, producers from all around the world are becoming more inspired, more creative and finishing more music using the Unison MIDI Chord Pack.

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Unison MIDI Chord Pack



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